Rescue the earth

Too many plant species risk extinction, marine and terrestrial pollution is also high, what do we do? Let's fight to avoid it!

Feed The Hungry

Why continue to assist, powerlessly, to hunger in the world? Help us feed as many people as possible

Help animals

Many animals in danger of extinction ; Javan rhinoceros,Tiger,Asian elephant,Irrawaddy river dolphin.........


Our Mission

Our goal is to give real value to cryptocurrencies, using them in one of the many possible legitimate ways, and among these the best is to share resources with those who are unlucky, so the main purpose of this coin is to send money and aid . Your role? Buy it, trade it, hold it, and run a masternode so you can earn and help us to develop the project. What will we do? Very simple we will send at least 30% of the coins created by blockchain in donations, we reserve 20% for future developments ,team and advertising, then the other 50% will go for 2,5% in staking,12,5% for masternode and 30% for super masternode. We have two big projects for needycoin, the first is to create a platform to exchange from cryptocurrencies to fiat, the second is to create the needycard to send to charitable associations, which will manage the money loaded onto it in a responsible and visible way, nothing waste!

1 charitable associations involved
1 Number of Donations
9 Donation made $
1 Proofs sent by associations

Coin specs

Coin Specification Coin Statistics
Name : Needycoin Blocks per hour : 20
Ticker : ned Coins per hour : 200
Total supply* : 300,000,000 Block per day : 480
Algo : Quark Coins per day : 4800
Premine : 1% for masternode's presale Blocks per month : 14,400
Block reward : 10 Coins per month : 144,000
Block speed : 3 minutes Blocks per year : 172,800
Staking : 2,5% Coins per year : 1,728,000
Masternode pos : 12,5% Staking/100 daily : 1,25 coins
Supermasternode pos : 35% Tier1/100 pos daily : 6,25 coins
Masternode collateral : 10,000 Tier2/100 pos daily : 17,5 coins
Supermasternode collateral : 50,000 Staking/100 monthly : 37,5 coins
Maturity : 4 hours Tier1/100 monthly : 187,5 coins
Confirmation : 4 blocks Tier2/100 monthly : 525 coins
P2p and rpc port : 7777 and 8888 Shares for tier2 monthly : 2%
Transaction cost and weight : 0.0001/kb , max 4 mb Coins burned monthly : 1%=1,440
Block halves: 3% every 150,000 blocks,max 10 halves -
Charity address : 30% of each block generated -
Project address ** : 20% of each block generated -
* every month will be burned 1% of coins to keep inflaction under control
** 20% of total splitted for team=5% adv=5% development=7% shares=2% burned=1%

Trade Needy in our exchange

Needy will be the queen in Needyex ,with dedicated market and many pairs,we want to list as many charity coins we can ,because we want to involve all people working in this field “charity”. 30% of monthly incomes from the sales of coin ,trading fees, and listing fees ,will be send to charity associations.

0 Needy's pairs
0 Total coins on exchange


  • Idea Is Born
  • Socials Online
  • Website Online
  • Whitepaper
  • Team Is Ready
  • Our Cryptoexchange
  • Needyex Goes Online
  • Core Developing
  • Windows And Linux Wallets
  • Blockexplorer Online
  • Testing Core And Servers
  • Start Advertising
  • Start Presale
  • Seeking For Partners
  • Start With Donations
  • 2020
  • Initial Study For Mobile Wallet
  • Initial Study For Platform
  • Exchange From Crypto To Fiat
  • Initial Studing For Needycard
  • Initial Study For Coin, Platform And Exchange Licenses
  • Continue Advertising
  • Continue Donation
  • Continue Seeking For Partners
  • Various Improvements To
  • Core And Wallets
  • 2021
  • Development Of Needycard
  • Start Sending Needycard To Charity Associations
  • Platform Development Starts
  • Various Network Improvements
  • Donation Continues
  • Advertising Continues
  • Problem with fiat conversion

    The problem inherenting cryptocurrencies is that at some point you have to convert them to fiat.There are companies that offer the conversion service and cards to withdraw from atm ie converting directly into fiat from crypto. The conversion charges are way too high and the final amount you received by an individual is no where close to what was in their crypto wallet. Moreover, charitable associations do not accept cryptocurrency, so you need to find a system to send them actual fiat currency. We at NeedyCoin will work to build our platform that will offer low transaction fees so we could donate that extra money that is lost in the various changes along the way.
    Future development
    Developing a platform where we can change crypto to fiat “similar to Coinpayment”. Needycard will be distributed to charity associations and will be recharged on monthly basis.
    How can i earn money with this coin ?

    We have decided to give the owners of the Supermasternode the opportunity to participate in the monthly profits of 2% paid in needies, to avoid mistakes and speculation, we reserve the right to control the purchase transactions and the origin of the coins. For example if a member has purchased a masternode and then accumulating coins decides to switch to the Supermasternode, this is permissible. If a member directly purchases a Supermasternode it is lawful. If a member receives out of no where possibly from black market such instance will not be considered valid for dividends.Everything will be managed on a Discord via the dedicated channel.

    Our Leadership

    We are ready for all causes where are involved people,animals,plants,pollution.

    Gianni Greco
    Founder and Ceo
    Style Manager
    Backend dev

    Our Partners

    We want to involve all the project that help the planet with donations.